Salute to Imperfection

Do you ever look at your situation and shake your head? Do you ever just want to be normal? Before you have another thought, read this. You can thank me later.

This blog is for women like me, the imperfect women. The women who aren’t always happy with the lives they live. The women who sometimes smile simply because you realize tears won’t change the situation. This one is for the women who, unlike some of your Facebook and Twitter friends, aren’t always happy and “all smiles.” I am writing now for the Cocoa Classies who sometimes look at your present situation and say, “What the f---?!”or look at your today and wonder how you made it through yesterday.

This blog is only for those of you who always look at your children with love, but sometimes that love is tainted with a wondering of “What the hell is wrong with them; Are they deaf,”  along with a number of other unprintable questions.

I’ve written this week for the people who’ve gone to the grocery store, gas station, and maybe even the mall with a feeling of pure elation that you have overdraft protection because either you don’t qualify for government assistance or you’ve used up your benefits for the month. Either way it goes, you didn't have to ask and give anyone the opportunity to tell you no, ask you why, or preach to you about your situation.

It’s also for you, yes you, the one who's perfect in every way except that you cannot figure out how to get all of this crap done if you only have 24 hours in a day and no one freakin seems to understand you are only one person! Tell them your therapist named Cocoa said it's time for you to do some things for you and they'll just have to make some other arrangements. As for your children, don't feel any guilt when you rent a movie from Redbox or play a movie on Netflix as they fall asleep and you take a few moments for yourself. It's OK and they will love you for it.

If none of this applies to you now or never, I ain’t mad atcha girlfriend, I’m tryna be like ya, but I gotta keep going for the CCs like me.

This blog is for the ladies out there who are in a relationship (married or otherwise) and sometimes question, “Lord, why?” and hate his guts one day only to find yourself thinking, “Thank you Lord for blessing my life with him,” the next. You might (I said might because I can only speak for us {Me, Myself, and I} but if you can wear these slippers that are far from glass, girl come on and claim yours-I mean who really wants GLASS slippers????) like I was saying, you may have even met your mate in the middle of the room to do battle or woke him up out of his sleep to repay him for the way he made you feel, then licked his wounds while saying, “You shouldna made me so mad.”

However, if you and your man never fuss, argue or disagree, I still ain’t mad, but you can have that. Every now and again I need a little interruption (if for no other reason than to make-up). I know I’m alone, but sometimes it feels good to use them other kinda words so passionately (sometimes I have to give myself a high five and say, “Girl, you said that.”)

Do you sometimes want to switch with the perfect people with the perfect lives on your job, at church, or on Facebook and Twitter then realize, if the Lord brought me to it, He will bring me through it? Then Ms. Lady, this is for you because know, or you should, that when this storm is over, the sun will shine so bright in your life that you’ll only need the umbrella to give you just the right amount of shade. You don’t settle, but rather embrace your life as it is and WORK towards your brighter future (we'll cover that at another time). This is dedicated to you  because you don’t hate the perfect Cocoa Classies who surround you. You celebrate with them because you know that with patience, perseverance, and persistence your day is coming and Ms. Cocoa Classy Thang, if you didn’t know, now you do.

Until next time,

Cocoa Classy

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